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A Lady of Vision Creates a Great Lady of Golf A High Country Masterpiece

January 04, 2016

Linville, NC – Fifty years ago Agnes “Aggie” Morton Woodruff, had a vision for a golf course on Grandfather Mountain and, with the aid of hand-picked architect Ellis Maples, mapped out what was to become a High Country mountain masterpiece and home to the Grandfather Golf and Country Club.

Aggie was the granddaughter of Hugh MacRae, a descendant of the MacRae family from Scotland, who resided in Wilmington, NC. The MacRaes were leaders in business with investments in railroads, mining, farming, water- generated electrical power, and tourism.

It was 130 years ago when Hugh first viewed the Linville River Valley and the rugged peaks of Grandfather Mountain. Awestruck by the area’s natural beauty he immediately wrote his father, Donald MacRae for support to purchase the land. The tract, which consisted of 12,500 acres, stretched from Pineola past Linville Gap, encompassed all of Grandfather and Grandmother Mountains, Linville Ridge, Invershiel, part of Sugar Mountain, and what is now Grandfather Golf and Country Club. 

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