Our Heritage

Young Hugh MacRae first came upon the Linville River Valley and the rugged peaks of Grandfather Mountain in 1885. He was so inspired by its natural beauty that he immediately wrote his father for financial backing to purchase the land. MacRae paved the way for the area to become a popular summer resort for golf and health.

Vintage photo at Grandfather
Ellis Maples
Vintage photo of the Grandfather Lake beach
It’s so inter-generational. You’ll see kids and grandparents and teenagers all together.
Vintage photo at Grandfather

Founded Upon Family 

In 1964, MacRae’s granddaughter, Agnes “Aggie” Morton Cocke Woodruff, followed in her grandfather’s footsteps, starting conversations that would eventually blossom into a multi-faceted retreat for recreation and rejuvenation. Enlisting the help of highly respected golf course designer Ellis Maples, Aggie invested her inheritance in what would later become Grandfather Golf and Country Club. Her vision of wonderful family amenities surrounding some of the best mountain golf in the world is still reflected in the Club’s personality today.

Lifestyle Overview
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