Rental FAQ

What makes renting at Grandfather unique?

Grandfather Club Properties (GCP) manages rental properties which are Member-owned residences. The availability of these properties is dependent upon the owners making their property available when they are not in residence. All rentals must be sponsored by a Club Member, by Club Management, or by Grandfather Club Properties. The nature of our rental program sets Grandfather apart from other clubs in that our program has been developed first and foremost for the convenience of our Members. As a result, bookings during our peak months of July and August can be very limited. We do offer a waiting list for sponsored guests who wish to rent and we will notify you if a property becomes available. 

 Q: When can I book a reservation for the next season?

A: The availability of the rental properties is 100% dependent upon Members making their property available when they are not in residence. We generally receive owner availability calendars by February 15th each year. This means that Grandfather Club Properties typically cannot begin booking reservations until March of each year, depending on when the owners notify us of their schedule, however, we are able to accept requests at any time. Please note, if a rental property is listed for sale, Grandfather Club Properties can typically book a reservation no more than 6-8 weeks in advance of your arrival.

Q: Are there special requirements for renting at GGCC?

A: A rental guest must be sponsored by a member of Grandfather Golf and Country Club before making a rental reservation. Once a renter identifies his/her sponsor, the member will be contacted to confirm the rental sponsorship.

Q: How do I book a reservation?

A: Upon a specific rental request, the owner will be contacted to confirm the availability of the dates requested. Once the owner has confirmed the availability, then the reservation may be booked. For the reservation to be confirmed, we do require a signed lease agreement with all registered guests above the age of 18 along with a member sponsor confirmation.

NOTE - Our rental owners do not typically require a specific day of the week to start/end the rental period; you may choose whatever day of the week suits your needs.

Important Note: Due to limited staffing, rental requests for Thanksgiving must be finalized no later than November 13th and for Christmas and New Years no later than December 11th; unfortunately, we may not be able to accommodate last-minute rental requests.

Q: May I use the Club’s amenities when renting?

A: Club privileges for Rental/Registered Guests who are not the Immediate Family, Family Guest, or Event Guest of a Member are allowed for no more than two (2) stays, which in the aggregate do not exceed fourteen (14) days per lifetime. Rental Guests shall have no more access to Club facilities than the access of their sponsor. Tenants and Registered Guests may use most Club facilities when they are open. Championship course is available Sundays, 1 p.m. through Thursday afternoon; Mountain Springs course is available anytime.  You may contact our Rental Agent if you require more information. Please note that Guest Privileges are subject to change.

Other than golf, the Guest Privilege Account card is required in order to have access to and pay for various Club amenities.

Golf rounds, golf shop purchases and food from the 10th Tee may be paid by cash or credit card. Charges for the use of all other amenities must be charged to the Guest Privilege Account. 

NOTE: Grandfather Golf and Country Club's policy regarding rental guest use of club amenities is subject to change. Please inquire about the current policy before finalizing your rental.

Important Note: Only renters and occupants booked through Grandfather Club Properties have access to Club amenities.

Q: As a Rental Guest (Tenant), may I invite my friends to visit me during my stay at Grandfather?

A: Rental Guests (Tenants) may not sponsor additional guests who are not registered and are not staying at least one (1) night in the same rental property. Rental Guests must notify the Rental Office prior to additional guest's arrival so that a guest pass can be issued upon arrival. A "Registered Guest" shall be any guest or invitee of the Rental Leaseholder over the age of eighteen upon their arrival to Premises that spends at least one (1) night at the Premises.

Q: Are there any additional fees?

A: To play on the Grandfather Championship Golf Course there is a Green Fee of $255 per round plus a $31 per person (not including NC State Sales tax) cart fee. For the Mountain Springs Golf Course there is a Green Fee of $127.50 per round plus a $20 per person (not including NC State Sales tax) cart fee. There is a $20/hour fee for all boating fees.  For all other fees, please contact the Rental Office.

Please note that since GGCC is a private, Member-owned Club, there are numerous events throughout the golfing season that may have play dates that are for “members only.”  Please contact our Rental office to inquire about restrictions and/or exclusions from playing golf.

Q: Do the rental properties have Wi-Fi?

A: Most rental properties have Wi-Fi, however, it is available only if the homeowner makes it accessible.  Please note, internet service in the mountains can be unreliable. Grandfather Club Properties cannot guarantee internet service, however, there is a computer room available to rental guests in the Administration Building.  If a rental guest needs access after office hours, Grandfather Security can provide access (please note that children under the age of 16 need to be accompanied by an adult).

Q: Is there Air Conditioning in each rental unit?

A: Due to the moderate temperatures at GGCC many rental properties do not have air conditioning. Housekeeping can provide fans if needed. Please be sure to check with our office if you require air conditioning to confirm its availability in the property you wish to reserve.

Q: What is included in our Housekeeping service?

A: Towel replacement and trash removal are taken care of every other day. Additional Housekeeping services, such as mid-week cleanings, are only available upon request with a 24-hour notice to Housekeeping, and will be charged to the renter's guest privilege account. Please see individual rental properties for exact Housekeeping Fees.

Q: Are pets allowed in the rental units?

A: Rental Guests staying in condominiums are prohibited from having any type of pet accompany them during their rental period. Property owners of single family homes may approve pets for rental guests, at their discretion; however, these properties are very limited.

Q: Is grilling allowed at the rental units?

A: No grilling is allowed in the condominiums, and only permitted in single family homes if approved by the property owner. The renter is responsible for propane if a gas grill is available.

Q: When is check in and check out?

A: Check in is at 4 p.m. and check out is at 11 a.m.

Q: Can I arrange for an early check in or a late check out?

A: An early check in or a late checkout may be arranged ahead of time based on the Housekeeping Department’s and property owner’s schedules; however, due to the high volume of rentals and owner stays during peak season in July and August, an early check in or a late checkout may not be available.

Q: Where do I check in upon arrival?

A: Unless other arrangements have been made, all Rental Packets will available for pick-up at Security at 4 p.m. (or later) on the date of your arrival. Please note that Security is open 24/7, so late arrivals are okay.

Q: Where do I leave my rental keys after checking out?

A: Please leave your rental keys in the basket provided at the rental or return to Security. There will be a $100 fee charged to your Guest Privilege Account card if keys are not returned. 

Q: How do I make payments on the deposit and balance for a rental?

A: The deposit, which is 50% of the rental amount, is due at the time a reservation is booked. The balance of the rental fee is due at or prior to check-in. Payment may be made either by check payable to Grandfather Club Properties (P.O. Box 368, Linville NC 28646) or by credit card (MasterCard and Visa). Please note we do not accept American Express.

Q: What is the cancellation policy?

A: Unless the property is re-rented for the same period of your reservation or greater, any rent payment will be forfeited. 

Q: Are the Club’s amenities available year round?

A: The Club’s amenities operate on a seasonal basis; the golf courses and dining generally are open from early May through late October. The beach and beach pavilion are typically open from Memorial Day through Labor Day.

Q: When do I receive a statement for the fees incurred during my stay i.e. dining, fitness, etc.?

A: The  Grandfather Golf & Country Club Accounting department will send a statement after closing the month in which you stayed at GGCC (typically the first week of the following month).  You will need to send a check for payment (no credit cards are accepted).


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